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                                                Success & Ngozi Uchime
                                       The Nigerian missionary couple to Asia

 This Devastating flood..!

The recent devastation caused by the deadly typhoon Yolanda is no more a news to anyone. But what remains a news is thousands of Filipino people who're languishing in serious need and deprivation.

Our organization is at present raising support for the victims. We're targeting to minister to the young evangelical churches/pastors who don't have anyone to run to. Some have their churches totally destroyed, and their few members as a result have scattered.They need to have their churches rebuild, have enough financial resources to get the ministry going on.

Your donation (cash/material), therefore will go a very long way in alleviating their hardship. If you can entrust your resources in our hands, as good stewards of our Lord Jesus Christ, we assure you that it'll get to its intended destinations - in the hands of these suffering young evangelical pastors!

To donate, all you do is to hit the donate button below, thanks for your care and concern, and may the good Lord bless you and keep you in Jesus name!


Success and Ngozi Uchime are the Nigerian missionary couple working in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and we sincerely welcome you to their website!

Kingdom Missions Outreach International Inc.(KMO-INTER), as a fully Filippino mission agency, is focused on reaching the many unreached peoples groups (UPGs) scattered all over the Philippines, South East Asia.

KMO-INTER is directly affiliated to the South East Asia Mission Teams (SEAMIST) also based in the Philippines.

We need your unalloyed support - prayer and financial, if we must do a meaningful mission work amongst these people, especially the Badjao tribal people which is our target group.

 So as you browse through, please pray and plan how the Lord will use you to support this heavenly vision of reaching out to lost souls in this region. May the good Lord bless you real good as you respond, in Jesus name. Amen!



To watch our mission video, click on the play button above and also scroll down to follow with the lyrics of our theme song!   


  By Hillsongs

You said ask and you will receive

What ever you need

You said pray and I'll hear from heaven

And I'll heal your land

You said your glory will fill the earth

Like water the seas

You said lift up your ears

The harvest is here

The Kingdom is near

You said ask and I'll give the nations to you

O Lord that's the cry of my heart

Distant shores and the islands will see

Your light as it rises on us

O Lord, I ask for the nations

O Lord, I ask for the nations

O Lord, I ask for the nations

 The Scripture says: "Ask of me and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession," (Psalm 2: 8)