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Posted by kmointer on February 14, 2012 at 9:50 AM



We just want to reiterate thatwe survived the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit part ofthe Philippines on Monday February 6. We do this because alot of people called and even sent emails showing concernabout our safety. We’ve made several write-ups on ourFacebook page, but we realized that some of our friendsaren’t on Facebook.

(Kanayo& Ngozi looking forward to their vacation to Nigeria!)

We’re not affecteddirectly, as a lot of people died and some are stillmissing, but we’re all highly traumatized to say theleast, as it shook even the foundation of our house. We onlyhad serious after shocks, but we’ve come over italready.


Sincerely speaking the quakewas very terrifying; we haven’t seen a thing like thatbefore all our lives. It’s better imagined thanexperienced!  Momentarily we thought the whole earthwas closing up on us, but at the heat of it all, we trustedHim who sent us on this journey and, we’re notconsumed by it - praise God!


Yes! Still on our vacation toNigeria this March, we’re still trusting Jehovah forbreakthrough – not bought our air-tickets yet. But onething we did is to open an account in Nigeria for any of ourNigerian friends that wish to donate and the numbers to callfor details are: 08023657067 or 018933341. While thoseoutside Nigeria can contact us directly here in thePhilippines or donate through our website:  


Best regards!

Yours in MissionsKanayo & Ngozi Uchime
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